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WHAT is Windlass Mechanism?
Free energy…created by the Gait requirements we covered. 
When the big toe goes into flexion (push off) the arch lifts and the foot stiffens (supination) to propel you forward. When this does NOT happen it puts undue stress on knees, hips and lower back. 
Here is a YouTube video to show how this works.  

If our bodies are designed to naturally pattern this way for efficient movement…WHY do we “lose’ it?
Lifestyle (not designed to stay in one position for long) and shoes! Imagine your dexterity if you wore oven mitts all day?! Yep, that simple.

So, let’s start reclaiming our natural movement patterns!

WHAT does an efficient Gait Cycle/Windlass Mechanism require?

Ankle dorsiflexion (50-10*) ankle flexion in order to clear the ground without stubbing your toe…or worse hiking your hip.

Ankle plantar flexion (50*) or ankle extension for power of pushing off the foot.

Big toe flexion (30*) to power through the push off.

Tripod foot for balance and optimal use of intrinsic foot muscles (the ones that give the foot its shape).

Tibial external rotation spirals energy up the kinetic chain and hip muscles stabilize pelvis over leg in single leg stance.

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