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Brain Matters



Mindset is the filter through which we view the world, ourselves and each other. I cannot imagine NOT having this conversation before delving into this cornerstone of change and meaningful existence.


One of the least useful things we tend to do as we move into our later years is lament what we did not do. I am all for adequate time spent in reflection. I also believe this time can be well spent looking forward at the remaining opportunities with a spirit of hope and expectation.


Understanding how brains work is a crucial component of forming new habits to reduce the alarms that can present as anxiety, chronic pain, depression and overall poor state of health. Curiosity about the stories we create around events can be quite interesting, as well as the path to healing unnecessary suffering.

Threat Bucket & Neurology

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Hiking Trail

Soul Of the Matter

You don’t have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a Body. ~unknown

The reason my work is a great source of joy is because I have privilege of partaking in others’ journeys on a path that makes waking up every morning exciting. 

We will all face challenges, heartaches and disappointment…such is this life. But, when we can find fulfillment in ways that are unique to who we are, when we discover a sense of purpose (which will morph and evolve over time)…well, that is a well lived and robust Life. To me, that quality of Life is the “What” to the “Why” we develop habits to maintain ourselves. To make a difference, somehow, in our own way.  May we leave this Path better than we found it.

Sole to Soul

These personal development sessions take place in person while walking/hiking, virtually, or over the phone. This is for highly functional individuals desiring to bring more clarity or up-level their lives in particular areas. This is not a delving into the past experience but future-focused and inspiring possibilities. We are designed with Purpose and to Thrive…through all seasons of our lives!

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