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Serious cyclists will tell you that proper bike fit is essential so that you can produce maximum efficient power. True but even more importantly...comfort...or who wants to ride!?

When it comes to walking or running we gauge our “proper fit” for maximum efficient power and comfort by the gait cycle...have you checked yours lately? 

And WHY does it matter? Because when our Gait Cycle is in tune we get the benefit of the Windlass Mechanism!! And WHAT is that? FREE energy...think self winding watch! 

WHAT is the Gait Cycle?
The act of taking a step is broken down into the Gait Cycle. Simply, it is sequence of events that take place (or should) from when one foot contacts the ground to when that same foot contacts the ground again. And, it involves propulsion (energy) in the direction we are moving. 

WHY is this important? 
This is the way bipedals (us) get from point A to point B when walking or running. When done efficiently it’s very sustainable and has huge health benefits. But, mostly due to lifestyle many of us have lost portions of the pattern of a healthy gait cycle. And this creates breakdown.
Research shows that the ability to walk well directly correlates to longevity…so this is a big deal!

HOW do we reclaim our gait?
First we assess what is missing and then we reclaim it!

WHAT does an efficient Gait Cycle require?
Ankle dorsiflexion (50-10*) ankle flexion in order to clear the ground without stubbing your toe…or worse hiking your hip.

Ankle plantar flexion (50*) or ankle extension for power of pushing off the foot.

Big toe flexion (30*) to power through the push off.

Tripod foot for balance and optimal use of intrinsic foot muscles (the ones that give the foot its shape).

Tibial external rotation spirals energy up the kinetic chain and hip muscles stabilize pelvis over leg in single leg stance.

When these things are in place it allows something called The Windlass mechanism...essentially FREE energy!!!

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