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Playtime. Pilates. Suspended.

Do you play? I mean like get out and do whatever you want to do physically, run around with the Littles, chase and get chased, lift heavy things because you can…play!

The Google definition of play:

1. engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose

I think of play as having matter the task. To me it is thriving in the midst of whatever presents itself.

Albert Einstein said “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Play.

Asking if you are having fun during these painfully trying times is not meant to be sarcastic. We must honor and deal with what is at hand. However, we must remain healthy and resilient or we are no help to any cause. And having fun while becoming our best self is not only’s necessary or the process will not be sustainable. Gotta play.

Functional movement is a word you hear quite often but what is it really? I believe Pilates is a method that enables us the means of enjoying functional movement and enabling us to move in forward and lateral flexion, rotation and extension as were designed. Unfortunately most exercise programs are linear and we don't live a linear life so we need the strength or support and flexibility to rotate and bend and extend our limbs under load without damaging ourselves. We may need the prescription of exercise to address certain imbalances but the more we incorporate every possible range of motion into every possible moment of life...the clearer it will become we are merely reclaiming our ability to play again.

I look forward to exploring and reclaiming misplaced movement with you! Whether by

Zoom, in person or playing outside at Pilates Suspended (aka TRX on Trails), starting next week! But whatever you do, keep playing and Thrive!

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