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How well we're woven can often predict... easily we fall apart. Ouch, right!? But sometimes when we "fall apart" it gives us a chance to explore the "why's" and "where's" and brings us to the "how's" of a better existence.

We see this during this pandemic on more levels than I care to take on in this short blog. But it's also given us pause us to explore our own personal "world" and make some choices. On many realms.

But for now...can you see how your inner conflicts get played out physically? Example--we're stressed and our shoulders hike up to protect our neck (vital area for survival). We take in too many "facts", get overwhelmed and our body tightens up in response to "shut out" that perceived enemy. We're all going though a craycray period in history together...that very thought might allow a little exhale. We are in this together.

Our bodies inform the brain of what it perceives is happening and the brain decides what to do with it. Often, it is an exaggerated perception leaning to the dark side. Because that's how the brain keeps us alive...if we don't weigh the worst case scenario we might just make very poor choices. How many of our worst fears do NOT come true...thankfully, most of them.

Which brings me to the "why" behind the Covid Community Zoom Classes on Fridays. My goal is to help you decipher what your body may be trying to say, give you some tools to address these messages so that you can then integrate movement in a way that brings you joy and life and vitality...and reclaim movement you might have believed (remember the dark thoughts?!) were gone. We need to move for our very existence. Movement begets more movement and increases our capacity to breathe, to circulate lymph, to lift heavy things, to know.

Join me...Friday 8:30 am EDT

All you need is a space the size of your mat, maybe a small towel (bolster), a band and either 2 tennis/Pinky balls in a sock or (my favorite) Jill Miller's Yoga Tune Up balls in a net sack.

Contributions are (very) appreciated but not required to participate...

Check your email for Zoom invite tomorrow.

For today...breathe in.

And know you are one of my Gratitudes.


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