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Pareto Principle is a real theory…I like “When Less is (truly) More”

Our results are the product of our actions, right?

Well, yes!! But, do we really own that? I think most if us would agree that our actions produce our results but—are they producing the results that we want? And, do we really understand how simple it can be?

🤔 So…if 20% of what I do produces 80% of my results…what do I need to tweak to get what I want? Because that can go either way. Whether that means that 20% increase in focused, intentional work on a project or 20% additional snacking. That relatively small increase can produce significant shifts!

According to the Pareto Principle approximately 80% of outcomes are dictated by approximately 20% of actions.

The 80/20 Rule by Richard Koch highlights some of these interesting imbalances and gives insights that—should we be willing participants in a little introspection—can provide some guidance towards efficiency and higher success rates in just about any of our endeavors.

Here are a few examples:

80% of your knowledge is used 20% of the time.

80% of sales are produced by 20% of a company's products or services.

80% of stress is caused by 20% of stressors.


20% of your wardrobe is worn 80% of the time.

20% of farmers produce 80% of the world's agriculture.

20% of your rug has 80% of the wear-and-tear.

20% of your phone apps get 80% usage.

20% of foods cause 80% of the weight gain.

“Time management isn't the problem. We're awash in time. Time use is the problem. Most genius work is done in relatively little time.”

Studies show us that whatever time we allow ourselves to do something we can manage to fill. But, if we allow ourselves limited time we still get it done. If make ourselves accountable to what we decided (ahead of time) to do with our time. If we truly hold ourselves to it. And we STILL don’t get results. It’s then time to change our actions.

What actions can you take today that will align you with the results you want? Make that a decision. And now do that. Commit. Be accountable to yourself.

Choose One Thing you can stack onto something else to make a new habit consistently achievable. Something simple. Stretch your spine before beginning your day by Rolling Down the Wall. (If you’re not sure what I mean I have it posted as #Onething on my Instagram.). You can improve Balance by brushing your teeth while standing on one leg. Add 10 squats right before you actually sit on the chair or couch. Simple, stackable things…that 20% can be the ticket to 100% hitting your stride.

Keep it simple…what actions can you take for the results you want? Simple, consistent. What actions can you discard that keep you from achieving your results? Again, simple, mindful and consistent.

You’ve got this!💥

Pareto Chart

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