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Before you Try Harder…

Wait, wait….don’t get me wrong…I’m all about trying and trying again until you get “there”. On so many levels this is necessary to achieve certain goals. But…wasn’t it Einstein (pretty smart guy) that said that doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results was the definition of insanity? Hmmmm…so…which is it?

The Pilates method taught me to look at alignment, posture, movement patterns to assess where a student is relative to their goals. To see where the movement of limbs often overpower the Core. And after many moons of teaching students of all ages, walks of life, both genders, varying abilities and guiding teachers in training I realized the same assessment protocol applies to ALL of our goals/standards—body, mind and spirit. They are inseparable. Broad statement? Yep. 

Whether we want to improve our body composition, cardiovascular health, skillset, develop strength, mobility, athletic performance, improve longevity markers…or increase our capacity for emotional regulation, decrease self sabotaging habits, reclaim or explore our faith. I could go on but you get what I’m saying. It all comes down to a very simple (no one said easy) framework. 

Think of “framework” as a filing cabinet. A way of finding what you need when you need it. Efficiently. 

Yes, I am a Pilates and movement educator—and  always a student. When I work with someone we let their body guide us. Of course, we have objectives. But, when we run into a “road block” we don’t just keep pushing. We address the roadblock until “traffic starts moving” and we eventually find more ease in our practice. If we just keep grinding away without addressing the obstacle we get frustrated at best or can even make things worse.

You following? Our bodies are the external expression of our internal landscape. Take a second and think about that. It’s quite incredible really. When I see you walk in with your shoulders around your ears…I see that your muscles are protecting your neck from that “saber tooth tiger” or whatever other stressor your primitive brain (see previous blog) thinks it’s protecting you from. So, not a great time to just jump into a very challenging session…first we allow, then we honor and finally release those thoughts that created the feelings that show up as physical patterns. We feel heard—most importantly, we hear our own inner dialogue. And now, we can move forward. It might just take a few minutes—at times longer.

In movement we have objectives. Those objectives give us a focus. That focus zeros in on movement patterns. Those patterns reveal our strengths AND our weaknesses. Now we know what to concentrate on. We are designed to move and most of our imbalances are addressable.

How does this apply to the rest of our life? Do you have a couple of minutes? (If you said no….that’s the first challenge. ;) 

Grab a notebook or piece of paper…and yes, Notes in your phone will work in a pinch.

  1. What is a Circumstance (situation) you are challenged with? This needs to be specific and a fact, not opinion…it would stand up in a court of law. (Ex. “I have no free time” would not be appropriate as it’s an opinion….but “I am struggling to make free time.” would be a true Circumstance.

  2. What Thoughts do you have about this Circumstance? Write down the thoughts you have about this. (Ex. “I really hate this job, it doesn’t leave me any time”, “ They ask too much of me”, “I’m tired of always having something I have to do”. 

  3. What Feelings come up when you think these Thoughts? Just one word feelings.

  4. How do you act due to these Feelings you experience?

  5. What type of Result(s) are you getting from these Actions? 

  6. How do you want to Feel and what (true) thoughts can you bring around this Circumstance/Situation that will allow those Feelings?

This is a method I use in Personal Development Coaching that is very effective…if we take the time and are honest with ourselves we begin to untangle what are truly immovable Facts from self limiting beliefs. (Just as we use certain modalities to regain movement and work towards true strength/mobility.)

As we Allow ourselves to acknowledge our thoughts, Honor whatever has happened in the past to sway us away from what allows us to be our best self we can then Release these patterns and move forward onto a path that unveils our True self. Who you were designed to be. 

Movement is so much more than muscles moving bones and lymph. I encourage you to walk in Faith that you already have all that you want and need. Let’s move those roadblocks. And then…Yes, Try. And Try harder. But with Awareness, Intention and a huge dose of Grace. 

Stay with me… we will be exploring how this applies to movement, fueling our bodies, and various other circumstances. 

You matter, your life matters. 

And, you’ve got this! 



Aging Redefined

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