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Keep Your Reptilian Brain on a short leash!

“Hey! Gettin’ old here”…was once a semi-sarcastic phrase I used to let my kids know I’d been waiting a while. Now,  a statement of my reality. Truth is, it took a long time to get here and yet it happened overnight! You know?!

It comes as a shock to many, but why are we disappointed about getting old? We are supposed to get old! It beats the alternative! This is where we get to pour into the younger generation and share our experiences so they hopefully don’t make the same mistakes, we (hopefully) have more time to adventure, are less concerned with the status quo and even loosen up our “filters” a bit. We can volunteer in ways that align with our convictions, grow that garden and take up those lessons we never had time for. So…why the freakout over aging?!

Feelings of doubt, fear, frustration creep in consistently throughout our lives and are perfectly normal feelings created to protect us, keep us safe. However, should we follow too closely the thoughts that drive those negative feelings we may eventually be too fearful to leave home, much less adventure!  Our lifestyles have rapidly changed over the last several 100 years and yet the safety rails kept firmly in place by our reptilian brains have not evolved much (or at all)! We still get that buzz of anxiety to keep us on alert when experiencing something novel, our heart rate, digestive system still go wonky while our vision and other senses sharpen when we are frightened…even when there’s nothing to truly fear, when there’s no imminent danger. (I mean, Reptilian Brain is looking out for us but it does overreact—a lot). 

As we age, those feelings can become even more ingrained, leading us to isolation and waning enthusiasm. Unless….we explore and challenge the thoughts that led us down this questionable path. The exploration I speak of is becoming quite mainstream now…but it wasn’t readily available or even discussed in our younger years. 

I first became interested in personal development coaching for myself. After exploring my past and better understanding how I got “here” I was ready to go “there”…as in forward into a life that was no longer held captive to self-limiting beliefs. And it’s been an eye-opening experience. Gaining a better awareness of my own thoughts allowed me a better understanding of the feelings they created. From that realization came the “aha’s” around my actions and thus results. Today, those doubts, fears are not allowed to run rampant like a toddler with scissors, through my mind. My frustrations are allowed, dealt with a healthy dose of compassion and then determination to carry on. My failures are my lessons, they are not who I am.

So, yes…we are supposed to get old. And what will we do with this precious time allotted us? I invite you to take a look inside…your current circumstances—any part that warrants attention at this moment. Maybe write the thoughts about the circumstances or situation down on paper and examine them. Are they true? Or are they opinions? Would they hold up in a court of law? How do they make you feel—one word. What kind of actions are you led to by these feelings? Are you satisfied with the results of those actions? No judgment…just empathy and awareness.

Because “this” is the beginning. Of a new chapter. Of who you are becoming. If you feel stuck…let’s get unstuck. This applies to all facets of our lives…spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, professional…it’s a matter of taking those simple steps. Consistently. Intentionally.

How can you better support yourself? Yes, the external posture can often tell the story of the internal landscape. And yes, I’m a huge believer in physical health and alignment and all the things that can keep us keeping on until our final breath…after all, we are here for a reason. But, I digress. Supporting ourselves means being honest, compassionate, vulnerable, transparent and that is what builds courage, determination. It’s no one else’s job to make us happy—that’s an inside job and we can expect life to be “happy” about half the time. That’s just the way it is! The other half is where we build the resilience. If we spent most of our lives allowing life’s events to determine our feelings then now is the time to wake up to the fact that we got highjacked for a period of time and it’s time to put that reptilian brain on a short leash and wake up to what is true.

Mind your mind, my Friends…buckle up, this is a brand new chapter and you’ve got this! And if I can be of any help to you—you know where to find me.

brain holding an aligator on a leash


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