top of page you know where you are?

As in, where are space. Also known as proprioception or kinesthesia...a "sense of self in movement". Why do I ask? Because this awareness is our very important first step to efficient movement. And efficient movement matters!

We have receptors within our skin, muscles, tendons, joints that send information regarding body position, load on a limb, range of motion to the brain. Our central nervous system, or CNS integrates that information with other sensory systems such as vision, hearing, balance, touch to create a perception of this self movement.

So...where are you? Right now. If sitting, can you feel your weight evenly on your "sit bones" or heavier on one side? Is your spine rounded and being pulled down by gravity or stacked up and long? How about your your eye position creating tension? And certainly can't leave out the shoulders! Are they up by your ears or relaxed?

If you're standing...are you even on all 3 points of your feet (tripod) or more on one foot, one side of your foot/feet? Hanging out on one hip?

And so it many distractions in life that we often don't even notice our alignment, or "default" rest position. Our shoes shut down that receptor:brain loop and we don't even feel the pressure on certain joints. It's common knowledge that time on our devices encourage poor posture.

So now what?! Start noticing. How do you typically sit...and start sitting Atypically.If you cross a leg...don't, unless you're in a Figure 4 stretching your hips.:) Sit on the floor more. (More on that later.) How do you stand? Start noticing your feet...go barefoot and notice how you begin to land softer. (More on that later, too.)

For this moment, just notice.

Because first we move inefficiently unconsciously.

Then, we realize we move inefficiently consciously.

And then, we begin to move efficiently consciously.

Finally, we move efficiently unconsciously.

Tiny, consistent steps change our habits.

(Stay tuned...more to come with Simple Systematic Step to efficient movement!)

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