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Here’s what feet need: 

Stability of the foot/ankle when "toeing off" 

Suppleness of foot tissues to allow twist when walking/running

Suppleness of big toe to allow toe off

Suppleness of toes to access toe splay for balance

Suppleness of calf muscles to allow dorsiflexion so we don’t trip

Strength of foot muscles/plantar fascia to maintain shape/arch

Strength of big toe off when pushing off

Strength of calf muscles to plantar flex in gait cycle


Our brain takes its job of keeping us alive seriously (although it doesn’t care if we’re happy) so it will compensate or trick us into NOT doing anything it PERCEIVES as dangerous...whether it’s actually dangerous or not. Pain provides an “alarm” when there’s an actual threat it true? In this case? That’s what we need to investigate. An example is phantom pain in an amputated old story but the brain/nervous system is still hanging on to it.


The good news is...once you know what’s missing or what’s causing discomfort (brain’s 🧠 way of asking for change) you can take small steps to big changes!


Key Assessments

Big Toe ROM.jpg