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Your Body is its Past

Your body is its past...


Let that marinate a bit.

From before conception…

To the details around your birth arrival.

From whether you crawled or scooted or…didn’t.

To the shoes you did or didn’t wear.

From all the things you’ve put through your digestive tract…to all the things you haven’t .

From the repetitive movements of sports you played..or didn’t.

To the scars you’ve long forgotten about and the ones you are well aware of…physical and emotionally.

From all the boo boos (big & small) gone by.

From all the beliefs you’ve accumulated…and how you express those into your daily posture and movements.

We are walking history books…and the best chapters are yet to be written. We can choose whether they are funny, interesting, meaningful, with substance, sad, funny or thought provoking…perhaps a good mix?!

So, how’s this chapter going? Are you doing it justice or time to turn the page?

It all begins with a thought…if “our thoughts are the language of the brain and our feelings are the language of the body…how we feel and how we think creates our state of Being.” (Dr Joe Dispenza)

And that is reflected in the story our body tells. How we Be is how we Do.

Choose your thoughts well and I look forward to hearing about your thrilling next chapter!

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