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You Stuck??

There’s more to see ahead of us than in the side or rearview mirrors! 

But they are there for a reason!

At times they are necessary and offer perspective…but just to clear the way for the journey onwards.

Any time we are feeling stuck, not getting traction in some area of our lives…we are likely to be spinning out in an old story.

Be curious…we don’t know what we don’t know (and sometimes we may never know)!

But, awareness of our own reactions is a solid step towards emotional maturity…a necessary part of getting unstuck.

At 64 my outer wrapping shows some signs of “battle”  (many of them self-inflicted). 

But my inside story…now, that’s growing stronger by the moment.

Sometimes we have to go inside out…you with me? Stay curious, because this awareness is a huge step towards aging robustly. Not losing ourselves to limiting beliefs.

Awareness of our own reactions is a step towards emotional maturity. We can all relate to that knee-jerk reaction when “so-and-so” says “yackety-yak”. With healthy coping mechanisms, we recognize what is happening in the moment, which gives us the time to process, recognize the pattern and choose how we react both internally and outwardly, when all goes well.

But, what about those times when we can feel ourselves being triggered physically and truly don’t understand why? Very simply there are things that have happened to us that we may not remember or did not have words for at the time of the event. But to quote Bessel Van Der Kolk, “The Body keeps Score”. 

So, it is part of our human experience to come across these moments of unexplainable emotions that trigger a response in our bodies that we may never understand, but need to regulate. For our own health as well as that of our relationships. And sometimes we can’t just talk ourselves down…we need to go deeper and address our nervous system.

This inner “turbulence” is a sign our brain is protecting us from perceived danger. That doesn’t mean it’s true.  For me it shows up in my stomach or my heart rate. And that’s OK. I sit and breathe. Doesn’t have to be fancy—a simple Box Breath will do. Inhale for four. Hold for four. Exhale for four. Hold for four. Repeat. Keep repeating. And just notice the calming of the physical sensations. 

Sometimes I journal. Sometimes I don’t. Always, I Pray. Often times I will just walk outside barefoot and feel the ground beneath my feet. And just notice. My environment. What do my eyes see? What do my ears hear? What’s the temperature on my skin? Can I smell something in the air? And this very simple exercise allows my senses to lead me back to the present moment and out of a story I may not even have words for, or one that no longer serves me to repeat. 

Yep, every time we’re triggered by something surfacing from the past, something that knee-jerks us into a reaction that doesn’t serve us we can return to this practice. And building a practice is key to a strong foundation that doesn’t cave under the shakiness of “old story reactions”. Because practice makes better. 

It doesn’t have to be fancy it can be as simple as beginning each day in a state of gratitude and incorporating a meditation of sorts…whatever that looks like to you. It’s a time of quiet contemplation in a state of Being as simple as possible. And that is not an easy feat for us ever-moving beings! So many of us resist this critical component of our well-being. And yet—it’s foundational to how we live out our lives.

So, what do you want? Why? Anything that can stand the test of time is built on solid ground. Including us. Whether we are talking about our physical, our spiritual or our emotional health, which cannot be separated.

Some of the questions I ask myself regularly are… What am I avoiding? Why? How is it slowing me down from becoming who I am designed to be? What is the worst thing that can happen if I look at this thing? Without judgment. Without expectation. But with much curiosity.

Now I’m ready to get down to the business of stepping into my purpose. 

Some things I chip away at…I no longer need in my life. It’s no longer a part of who I am becoming. Other areas…I’m building and growing. I can rest assured I will be challenged but…I just return to the Practice. 

If our habits/beliefs from the past weigh us down…we can simply (no one said easy) put them down. One moment at a time. 

Without this “weight,” we can begin to breathe freely and Grow Forward.

The planet needs what only you can bring in the way only you can bring it.

Have Faith!

You’ve got this!

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