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Shift Happens!

Evidence-based shifts for robust aging are available to us—without going to extremes. 

We may have to experiment a bit to learn what works for us and keep in mind our physiology does not like extremes. It likes balance and homeostasis. Enough challenge to keep it interested but not so much we’re overwhelmed. 

Most of us are aware we must reduce inflammation, boost our immune system, and optimize the nutrition to our cells. But…what about exploring our neurology when we aren’t progressing as we’d hoped. Yep, our brains’ primary job is to keep us alive. It prioritizes our senses over our movement. After all, if we can’t see peripherally, or close AND far—we may miss that saber tooth tiger! Or…if we can’t smell the fire how will we know to run? If we can’t hear the intruder? You get where we’re going with this. 

And so, now what? We can do specific things that reintegrate or rebalance our sensory system so that we decrease the stress threshold (read previous Threat Bucket blog). Simple stimulus can be introduced to better able to process and execute motor movements because our brain’s predictive ablilities are improved! And, since everything doesn’t work for everyone we can assess and then reassess after trying one of these stims to see if our brain does or does not positively accept

that stimulation. I’ve previously mentioned Pencil Push Ups to assess the convergence/divergence. We can also use a stim for the olfactory nerve (CNI). Try this. First, assess by doing a movement that you’d like to improve. A toe touch, squat, or particular movement of a limb. Then, plug one nostril and inhale a scent (essential oil, lemon juice, orange), take a deep breath and now reassess exactly movement. Better, same or worse? If same or worse then discard that for now but if you saw/felt noticeable improvement you can use that stim as a “gateway” to practicing/improving said movement.

We will explore many more scenarios/stims in the next few blogs. Feel free to email/text me your thoughts/questions and I’ll do my best to address them!

Our mindset and belief system are critical to our abilities to make and most importantly, maintain the shifts that will support us as we continue to live robustly and with purpose. 

There are side effects and trade-offs for all shortcuts. So a realistic and informed mindset is critical to fuel the fire for the heavy lifting that’s needed (pun intended :-), which IS needed to strengthen our muscles, connective and bones.

And remember that we cannot out-exercise a poor diet. Exercise has countless benefits, but poor fuel certainly doesn’t allow us to exercise for the duration needed to burn off the excess calories. Stick to things with 3 or less ingredients that have been heated a maximum of 1 time. 

And forget perfect… It doesn’t exist on this side of heaven. If we’re trying to chase perfect we just make ourselves more anxious,  crazy and sick. Again, think balance. And remember that action comes before motivation…just start. 

You’ve got this!!💥

Aging Redefined Book Cover

Aging Redefined

Simple Shifts for a Robust Lifestyle

Aging well is an art and a science, uniquely tailored to individual mental, physical, and spiritual health needs. Delve into the transformative insights of this book, guiding you to make shifts that redefine the experience of growing older—robustly and with purpose. Uncover the why, what, and how behind the inevitable physical and emotional challenges, providing practical strategies without the B.S.

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