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Passive action?


Passive action may sound like an oxymoron yet it is necessary ground work for all that we dream!

Passive action is all the prep work, dreams, ideas, intellectual sweat we pour in to a “plan”. Whether the plan is clear from the start or emerges slowly over time.

But…and you already know this…it takes massive action to live out that plan. Obstacles should be expected and although we may not truly embrace them we can appreciate that they will grow us…evolve us. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually…all the ways.

The fact that we are alive indicates that we are meant to be here and the miracle of it all makes it clear we are here for a reason. Have you thought lately of your purpose, your passion, your reason for Being? Because if you’re breathing…you have one. Truly. How many of us will regret what we didn't do in our last breaths. Sobering, I know. Choose well.

And the ONLY thing that will keep us from what we’re designed for is our thoughts. Yep.

I’m back. My heart is (slowly) mending from the loss of our fur baby. I’m choosing more happy memories to focus on that make me smile or even LOL—and less of the loss thoughts that have me crying. Thoughts. So powerful.

Mind your mind today…take your thoughts captive. And write them down…paper, phone, laptop…doesn’t matter. This is the first step...Awareness. Can't change what you don't know.

I’ll be back next week and I have some awesome things to share with you. It's time to turn that passive action into massive action. 💥

Breathe deeply and choose well...we're alive to Thrive!


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