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On this day…

Since my book launch many of you have reached out and asked how I start my day. It’s nothing fancy but here you go! 😊

Before I roll out of bed…

…I am grateful that I woke up. (First win of the day!)

And then…

…I roll down the wall that’s next to the bed

…brush teeth in Single Leg Balance Stance

…5min breathing meditation>read and/or journal>warm up prayer

(Should you wonder about “warm up” prayer…in truth I pray throughout the day, be it “thanks” or “help” or “pleeeease”…it gives God a heads up that one of His very repetitious fans is back up and at ‘em. Least I can do. 😉)

…glass of water and then coffee (with collagen and creatine)

…take Milo (my 4 legged) out for his business and my morning daylight

… I visualize the work day and lift up each of my students (that may come as a surprise to some of them…or not😊) as I continue the normal getting prepared stuff

…if I’m working from home I take some time for myself on the reformer

…if I’m driving in to the studio I either call my family that’s overseas or listen to a podcast enroute

I don’t typically eat until late morning and then I’ll have a handful raw nuts, a hard boiled egg and maybe an apple. Works for me. 

All day long…when I feel “off” I check my thoughts. What am I telling myself that’s throwing me off? Is it a fact or a thought? We’ll take a closer look at this soon. Truth is—the stories we tell ourselves are often a bit cray-cray, many times quite mean and sometimes downright lies.

I look for movement snacks every chance I get…just stack it on to something else I’m doing anyways…like brushing my teeth while balancing on one leg. 💥

“Bring on this day that I get one shot at…may I be of service, remain present and show up as my best self. Kindly, with eyes and heart wide open and mouth mostly shut 😅.”

How do you start your day?💕

Me sitting at my home studio

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