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Is that True?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Years ago I read a book that made me pause and consider if what those voices in my head kept telling me (it’s not just me, right?) were true. What about you? Are you living your best life? If not, why not? What’s stopping you? Is that true? Can you change it if it is true? It’s true that I have a passion with movement. Because the physical self is an embodiment (see that?) of our story. We all have battle wounds. We have stories that we still hold tight that are no longer true, but show in our posture. We have “limitations” that are just waiting for release. And we all have choices. Join me tomorrow am for Community Covid Mat Class @ 8:30 am EST. It’s open to all.

Share and use this please. Meeting ID: 703 795 5866 Yes, I’m appreciative of contributions but most importantly let me contribute to you becoming your Best self...because we all need to be that more than ever. For ourselves. For each other. And when we feel balanced and strong we are empowered.

I hope to see you on the mat...tomorrow...8:30. Make this an awesome day! Myriam

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