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How do you Stack up?

Posture is how we present ourselves.

Physically, it’s how our bones stack up based on how our muscles support our skeleton. Imbalances pull us out of a neutral posture as default.

No amount of core work can make up for inefficient posture because it’s the alignment of our bones that dictates the availability of certain muscles.

Ex. If I sit too much my hip flexors get tight creating a “clamp” at the front of my hip. When I walk that “clamp” makes it difficult (or impossible) to use my glutes to extend my hip—creating an inefficient pattern. When glutes

don’t get used they become “sleepy” and the neural connection (mind/body) begins to die.

No amount of core work will help my symptoms (tight low back/tight calves/sore neck...) long term if I don’t address the root cause.

Now the good news...neuroplasticity. The brain is able to change with input. The brain and muscles can reconnect—once we address the road blocks—glutes can strengthen, imbalances can be addressed and good posture can become our default.

Pain is a symptom. It’s a call to change. Here we’re talking biomechanics but there other affectors to our alignment...stay tuned. :)

We are alive to thrive. We’ve got a life to live and each of us has a mission.

Let’s get/keep the roadblocks out of the way and live our Best life!

You with me?

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I’m with you!!

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