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Hips don't Lie!

Sit much?

It’s not sitting per se that’s so bad…it’s the length of time spent in any one position.

Our bodies aren’t designed for that.

Our tissues begin to adapt to the form we keep them in, much like the back pocket of your jeans will be deformed by your wallet.

The muscles in the front of the hip start to clamp down (hip flexion) and then it becomes challenging to access the glutes for hip extension, which we need to walk and run!

When joints lose the ability to move with full range of motion assigned them the muscles related to that ROM atrophy (lose or use) and neural connection (mind:body) fades.

The squat is one that tells us a lot about our hip mobility.

Because what the hips can’t do will get reassigned and often to the calves. And that makes them a tad uptight!

Hold on to a bannister/pole (or partner!). Feet hip width apart and in tripod position…the weight evenly distributed between big toe and pinky metatarsals and R/L side of heel.

Squat straight down (dropping your pelvis) knees over middle toe and heels down…yep, heels down! Notice what feels a bit “blocked”…tightness in the front ankle? Achilles? Heel? Knees?

Now move away from support and try again. Don’t let your feet shift, arch drop…keep your tripod.

And, don’t judge!! At one time this was easy…it took a while to lose the ease of this position. And it will take practice to reclaim. BUT…it will also increase the quality of your movement.

So…practice. just 2 minutes, twice a day for 2 weeks. Be accountable to yourself. Recheck in 2 weeks.

Start the reclaiming process. This is a basic movement needed in daily living.

Movement matters. Get you squat back…it’s a natural resting position.


Join me Friday’s 8:30am EST as we regenerate and integrate!

Because...we can.

We’re alive to Thrive and do what we came to do!

Feel free to use this link for class...

Meeting ID: 703 795 5866


Pay as you can at 

Let's continue growing stronger through this together. 

Unraveling what holds us back.

Creating connection where we most need it.

This can be applied to many aspects of our lives...

...but tomorrow we'll embody our bodies. :)

Stay strong...we can come through this stronger than we started.

Choose well,


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