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Exercise less??! (Yep.)

Exercise less??! (Yep.)

Have I lost my mind for real? I mean, I am a movement guide...I share Pilates and trail running and even outdoors Pilates with suspension systems and host alfresco workouts and retreats!!

But, hear me out...please.

Exercise is maybe 1h of your day + (if you’re lucky) sleep is 8h and that leaves 15 other hours! How much movement do you get in those hours? Because those dictate how much you’ll get out of your one exercise hour.

Start thinking of your exercise as your Rx for better movement. What do you suck at? Can you jump? Crawl? Climb? Balance? How’s your grip strength? If not so good...why so? And start exploring that.

Do your joints bend with full ROM (range of motion)? Then part of your exercise may be release work for tissue that’s holding back that ROM. We earn the right to move when we’ve reclaimed basic mobility in the joint. Then, we create stability around the joint. Then, balance. And coordination. (And don't EVER give up...I've got plenty of great case histories...if you've got time I'm happy to share.)

First, we build the base of our movement pyramid or foundation of conditioning. Then, we can add more load, intensity, higher frequency.

Otherwise, we risk unnecessary setbacks, injury and who wants that. We can’t skip the steps.No matter who we are.

So don’t exercise to exercise. Focus your exercise time to address weak links, focus areas (and once have a strong base of mobility, stability, balance and coordination you can add HIIT and agility work). Use your other15h for conscious movement to solidify the learning you’re doing with that one exercise hour. Be aware of your posture. Sit more on the floor so that you’ll change positions. (And notice the inner narrative... we're quite good at discouraging talk...don't believe it.)

A very simple “exercise” is to go from lying down on the floor to getting up 5x in 5 different ways. Dr. Perry Nickelston calls it the “Fall Matrix”. When our brains are no longer afraid of falling/inability to rise back up...we’re less at risk for falling. 💡 Notice how you prefer to get up and what you stay away from. Do that thing you tend to not do.

Go to a playground and hang. Work out barefoot to increase your proprioception. Brush your teeth balancing on one foot. Keep moving!

Challenge yourself with more and better movement daily...we adapt to what we do...and don’t do. Move more and move better.

And thank you for allowing me to share exercise and exploration of movement with we get older it is a choice to move and live better! Choose well!

Zoom Classes available Mon 8:30am/Wed 7:30am/Fri 8:30am (EST)...message me if you're interested!

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