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But first… Be curious

Why do so many of us seem to have more aches and pains as we age?

And….WHY so tense? 

If we learn to see things from the brain’s 🧠 perspective we’ll find some clues. 

TENSION is created to protect us…so first, we have to discover why the brain’s noble intention to keep us safe/alive is creating tension!

First…we do a little detective work. This takes Awareness. And many of us were taught to check out. 

“Just shake it off.”

“Just do it.”

“No pain…no gain?”

Any of those sound familiar?

So, we did. And “disconnected” from our bodies. Except, it’s impossible to disconnect mind from body…they work in tandem! 

What actually happens is disconnect in communication. And that misunderstanding of the body’s signals is what often leads to fears and anxieties that are unnecessary. 

If you remember the imagery of the “Threat Bucket”. The proverbial bucket inside you that fills up with stress from things like too much work, arguments, trauma or feeling sick. If too many things happen at once, the bucket overflows, and you feel really overwhelmed. Since the brain prioritizes your life over movement it will shut down your movement (aches, cramps, nausea…it can be quite creative!) to alleviate perceived danger. Even heart rate, breath (autonomic) can be affected—we call it anxiety. 

To keep the bucket from overflowing, you can do things that help you relax, like getting outside, talking to someone, getting enough sleep, and eating nourishing foods.

I will continue sharing thoughts on movement, neurology and a plethora of ideas on being our best selves…and so please…Be Curious! 

•Acknowledge how/what you feel. 

•What’s changed recently? Anything inflammatory going on? (Food, relationships, habits, stories replaying in your head?)

•Where do you feel tense in your body? 

•Where do you feel unstable?

Remember that as it is within, it is without. What goes on inside, is expressed on the outside. 

So, start by being curious. 

You’ve got this!💥

(P.S. The saying "Curiosity killed the cat" originally was "Care killed the cat," where "care" meant "worry." In 1898, Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable defined it as "Care killed the cat."🙀)

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