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Brain Candy…alfresco🌳

Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman tells us the eyes are extension of brain. Certainly supports the priority the brain places on vision…a survival thing. Each of our eyeballs has six muscles to move them up/down, side:side and in between to be able to see all threats. With the brain’s primary job being to keep us alive/safe any weaknesses in our sensory nerves/system affect how the nervous system reacts to all things life. 

A small but highly effective tool that we all have available to calm the system down is through various stimulus to the nervous system. It’s very simple. In previous reels/blogs we addressed CNI (cranial nerve one ) for olfactory or smell and today we look 👀 at…Vision.

It’s no surprise that our eyes can get out of whack with the amount of screen time that’s crept into most of our lives. What to do? One simple change is to set a 20min timer. When it goes off stop looking at the screen, take a

couple deep breaths and spend 1 min focusing on an object far away. Taking a breath and closing your eyes and repeat. 

Another is Pencil Push Ups, which stimulate 3 of the 12 pairs Cranial Nerves!

You can follow along on this short clip………

My favorite place to do eye exercises is on the trails! Keeping nose faced forward, look up to the tops of the trees and try to hold 10 sec and then to the side, down, up, other side and back up (the hardest one for me). I look Near/Far at the (obstinate) dog and then to the close up flora and back to the (obstinate) dog and so on. While walking a look peripherally (side:side). A lovely eye break from screen time. And you, how are you going to take the threat of less than optimal vision challenges out of your proverbial threat bucket? It matters...a lot…to how much the brain trusts our ability to move through the world!

And while we’re talking alfresco…nature’s not just good for picnics and Instagram photos—but a one-stop-shop for health! Recent research shows that hanging out with trees can zap stress, boost brainpower, and even gives our immune system a pep talk. Just a short 20 minutes provides a natural vitamin D infusion, and swaps cortisol-inducing city noises for bird songs. Early morning light rebalances circadian rhythm, encouraging better sleep. 

It's a magical, green prescription—minus the pharmacy wait time! 🌳🌞

See you Outside!!

You’ve got this!💥

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