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Hi, I'm Myriam.

I am deeply fascinated by the intersection of neuroscience and the body, especially in the context of aging vibrantly. The profound connection between the cross-pattern of movement—walking, running, and hiking—and brain health fascinates me, highlighting our intrinsic need for movement.


Aging Redefined

Simple Shifts for a Robust Lifestyle

Aging well is an art and a science, uniquely tailored to individual mental, physical, and spiritual health needs. Delve into the transformative insights of this book, guiding you to make shifts that redefine the experience of growing older—robustly and with purpose. Uncover the why, what, and how behind the inevitable physical and emotional challenges, providing practical strategies without the B.S.

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You Matter

"Miriam is just awesome. I took her classes, running and pilates years ago. But now many years later and a few states away I still remember the fundamentals she taught me to stay strong and safe. Especially as I prepare for another 10k this weekend. Thank you Miriam!!"

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