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Private sessions are offered for those desiring 1:1 attention~providing a foundation of the work prior to joining group classes. All apparatus is utilized, as well as mat.

Reformer/apparatus group classes are offered to participants who have a basic understanding of Pilates Principles and movements. With 2-5 participants this offers a very dynamic environment while still maintaining the integrity of the work.

Zoom Small Group Movement classes incorporate self tissue release to better facilitate healthy joint alignment and movement rhythms. Expect a full body workout with instruction that emphasizes the "why" and "how" to empower you with sustainable strength and mobility in all that you do outside of class! A full body class taught using small balls, bands, rollers for self tissue release (if it holds us back we let it go!) and awareness boosting strength and mobility. Each week offers additional focus on a specific area...hip, shoulders, glutes...). 

Contributions are appreciated but not required to participate.

Pilates. Suspended. is a small group alfresco experience that uses TRX Go system to incorporate Pilates full body mat work...expect to sweat and have a blast! Gradual progression will leave you with  balance, strength and mobility at your own pace. Opt outside and Thrive!

Soul:Sole sessions take place in person while walking/hiking, virtually or over the phone. This is for highly functional individuals desiring to bring more clarity or up level their lives in particular areas. This is not a delving into the past experience but future focused and possibilities inspiring. We are designed to Thrive.

In- studio sessions limited due to Covid.

Zoom classes currently available for Private & Duets - please contact for details 

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