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Isn’t it fascinating how life unfolds, interests are piqued, paths are chosen, pivots are made and here we are.


I spent the first 14 years of life dancing and then have been running ever since...particularly enjoying the relaxation of trail runs and hikes. I’ve always enjoyed movement in many forms and believe wholeheartedly it is a main part of why I still am able to do all the things I did in my youth at the Golden age of 60. And I do mean Golden! I get to enjoy our 2 amazing children, their wonderful spouses, 2 (soon to be 3) Grand Peanuts, my sweet husband, our well loved lab, precious Friends and Family AND serve others doing what I love to do…encourage, educate and  travel as we explore Aging Well through movement.


Early on, I sustained self inflicted injuries (sometimes just mindlessness but mostly from poor mechanics) which led to my education in the Pilates Method of movement. as well as efficient running. After learning from several schools I found Body Arts and Science International made the most sense to me and I now have the honor of serving as a BASI faculty and international educator…from a booboo came a wooohooo! ;) 


In 1995, I spent 21 days at Georgetown University Hospital—much of it in the library researching the brain. My mother had suffered a brain aneurysm. She survived it and a subsequent 14hr surgery. The resulting complications began my fascination with brain science as I shuttled her to pain clinics for ganglion blocks and other therapies. 

And I began to understand a little bit about how the relationship between the brain/body works. I continue to study, (I have been blessed with many excellent teacher and mentors) learn, apply and share all that I can with all who will listen…because the more we understand this amazing creation we call our body the better we will learn to live well in it…it is the only vehicle we get in this sacred life on earth.


I continue to be fascinated by the study of the brain and body, applied neurology and how it applies to aging vibrantly. The connection of the cross pattern of walking, running and hiking to brain health is something I am deeply passionate about. We are like self winding watches, we are designed to move. The exploration of movement through the lens of Pilates brings about balance, stability, mobility as we reclaim and dust off movements we may not have felt in a while…due to lifestyle, old injuries, habits that no longer serve us. We already “know”, we often just need to reconnect and make some excellent choices. 

And now, I am absolutely thrilled to add Personal Development Coaching to my offerings. Mental health, Functional Neurology and personal development have been great interest to me for many years and I believe  Minding your Mind is an integral and necessary part of a well lived life. 

We are Alive to Thrive…every single one of us.

To each make a difference in our own unique way. 

If I have the chance to explore the Possibilities with you…thank you for that privilege. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions and Insights,

In Gratitude and Hope,

Myriam Kane

Founder Elemental Fitness

BASI Faculty

Pilates Anytime Instructor

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